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Spoiler and Stabilator deployment

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Hello all.

Just got the F-14X for P3D.

My P3d version is v4.3

I am not using FSUIPC

The CH Products Eclipse Yoke. (due to physical limitations I like the rudder axis on the yoke)


I've noticed that when moving joystick full right or left that the spoilers are not fully deployed.

Aerosoft F-14



When using other aircraft I have no problems.

Dino Catteneo F-14D



Also with the Aerosoft F-14 the stabilator doesn't work correctly.


Joystick full back:



Joystick full forward:



Again, it is only with the Aerosoft F-14X.


I have the Aerosoft Airbuses, the Dino Catteneo F-14D, Milviz and A2A products and have no issues with them.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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not sure what the issue you're seeing with the stabilator, according to natops for f14b, 10deg up/33 deg dn deflection.  as for the spoilers, when flaps are down, all deflect, once weight off wheels, all deflect as well.


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Everything dfw said was spot-on, just a little more background.


The spoilers are electrically driven, while the rest of the control surfaces are hydraulically driven. This means the spoilers have unusual deflection schedules (and rates) since they can be programmed/computer driven.


On the ground, only the inboard spoilers deflect to prevent the electric drive system from overheating. With flaps down, inboard and outboard deflect for a controls check prior to take-off, and they operate normally with weight off wheels.

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Hey jcagle,



I'm a new Tomcat driver so any info I can get is very helpful.


Merry Christmas!



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