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Offline Charts again

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Sorry for asking again on this threat, but it seems that I´am not alone with a demand on having the charts as offline option as well.:rolleyes:


Would it be not something to think about for the future to offer outdated LIDO-chartcircles as an offline Portion for Navdata-Pro Charts aswell. Because you do this for the Airport-related Charts, which are included in the Airports Professional Product line too, what means for us, technically it seems possible.

I think there are many users who would welcome this kind of feature because they, including myself, use already an old outdated Airac-Cicle from Navdata-Pro feed into PFPX, Jeehell etc and all other addons which need to have the corresponding Navigationdata.


I guess there are many of us, who don´t see any real benefit from having always the very actual Airac-Cycle of NavData and Charts for their SIM, because the World in the SIM is not really changing as the real world does. (No construction company dismantle my VOR´s and NDB´s out of a sudden in my P3D or build additional ones <_<)

I personally use a Navdata from an AIRAC-Cycle from 02-18 together with the offlinecharts which came from you within the Professional AIrports EDDH, EDDS, EDDK, EDHI, EDDF etc. Those Airport-Charts are all from different Cycles and some are fairly "old" but the most important Informations on those, like SID´s, STAR´s, ILS and where the runway lies etc. are consistent even on very different cycles. Honestly speaking it doesn´t matter for me if actually from May to July 2018 there are some Gates not usable in Hamburg because there are construction-works going on, as long as you have not any kind of live-injecting addon for your Airports which shows the actual changes on the airport on a daily basis. :rolleyes: (hmmm...maybe that would be a another nice add-on,  like "AI-Airport-construction-works" or something like this.^_^) Because those information's of possible temporarily advisories are the main difference between the monthly cycles.


Personally I would be happy, (....hmmm, no, happy is not the right word,....) better to say, I would accept to pay for an Offline Pro-Chart Cycle which is not really actual for the real world, but fits into my SIM-World, even sliced into regional portions if that would make it easier, rather than having a year-based online cloud for the charts, which may force me to update also the Navdata-Cycle and all my add-ons which use those kind of data every month.


Reg. Bernd

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vor 17 Stunden , mopperle sagte:

Due to its contract, Aerosoft is simply not allowed to offer old charts.

But if you do not want to spend money on charts, at least for Europe zthere is a perfect solution: You have free access to all charts under Eurocontrol via this website:


Hi Otto, yes, i´ve read that contract-thing in the other threads. My hope was and is that, if the potential customers demanding a product, this could trigger to mind About it for future. Even contracts are not cast in concrete, and may be there will be a possibility to negotiate this in further conditions. 

Thank u anyway for the link, but it´s not that i don´t want to spend Money for Charts. I would spent Money. But, for instance, the yearly Access for the chartcloud cost around 50-60 EUR thats a fair Price i would  even easily pay for Charts which will not be updated every month. Just pay an stay forever. Because then i would not Need to update my navdata too, to have it syncronized with the Charts and even no Need for updating my addons. 

But at least it´s not a big issue, because i have the offline Charts in NavData-Charts wich came along with the airportscenery, and others i would not Need anyway if  there is no scenery. 

I really like the NavDataPro-Charts app especialy on my tablet. Because it´s very comfortable. Just the Issue that you can´t zoom in and out with the Touchscreen-two-finger-mode really Needs to be resolved asap. Thats not state of Play for an app.


reg. Bernd

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vor 21 Stunden , Mathijs Kok sagte:

Sorry this will not change.

Mathijs, I hope you meant the contract stuff and not the issue with the zooming in the app...:huh:

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