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Suddenly can't get rear passenger door nor service doors to open

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Haven't flown the 8 in awhile (flying my GA aircraft) and now went to do a flight and find I can't get the rear passenger door nor the service doors to open (always worked before.  Tried several other aircraft that have multiple doors and they work fine. Using version 1.0.03 in P3D V4.3.


Thanks for your help.

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This is usually caused by an xml "event" firing every code cycle, which is something I make sure isn't happening before each version is released. However, I just loaded a saved flight in which the problem did occur.  Were you starting with a saved flight? You should be able to resolve the problem by creating a new flight, or by reloading the aircraft. You can do this by assigning a key to "reload user object" in the P3D controls settings.  But be careful when you reload as you will lose how you have the aircraft configured which you may not want to do.


I did identify the event problem in the saved file, so I will try to track down the cause for the next update (which will happen soon).





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I loaded a new flight by 1st loading the P3D default flight...than changing airports and aircraft to the 8.  Since reading your reply, above, I played with it a little longer as follows (hope this helps):

  • Aircraft would load with engines running
    • Found if I left the engines running doors worked correctly
    • When I went to cold & dark, doors worked incorrectly as reported
    • If I activated external power doors would function correctly

I know the checklist has to activate external power, as one of the first things, but I was not actually preparing for a flight last night and today...I was really just wanting to watch the new GSX load passengers since I have been flying GA aircraft for the last few months and had not seen the loading of passengers animation.  So, I guess it is somehow tied to having power on the 8 operating.  Any that I know that I can go ahead and plan my flight.



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