Saudia 320 CFM livery

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I purchased the A320/21 Professional for P3D V4 and realized that the Saudia livery wasn't included and that the old Saudia Livery (from the FSX 320/321) hasn't been converted for the new bus. I was wondering if someone could convert the old  FSX 320/321 Saudia Livery to be compatible with the A320/21 Professional for P3D V4 as manually installing the livery is way too complicated. (Here is the livery that should be converted)



Or, could someone model the new livery that Saudia has on its a 320s? (I uploaded an image of the new livery) 


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We had to remove the photo you uploaded due to copyright issues.  It's fine to provide a link to the photo, but we can't have the actual photo on our server.


Best wishes.


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