Nav source x-side, is this upposed to work?

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My understanding is the pushing the "x side" button on the nav source dial permits the other pilot to tune the course. However, I have not been able to make this work in any logically consistent way. Now I'm starting to wonder whether it is even simulated.





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Cross-side selection basically only super-imposes the cross-side selected course and compass/navigation information on your side. So if it is modeled in the add-on, selecting it will simply show what the other pilot has selected, on your MFD, in certain modes. Changing that course will still require it to be changed on that side, and it is not a way to change the selected course on the other side. It's not used very much either anymore, only in certain display setups for VOR or NDB approaches, which are being rapidly displaced by RNAV approaches flown in white needles only.

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