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Oslo tower view

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Yesterday I did my first flight into Oslo-Gardermoen and when I went to watch a replay from tower view I found myself at ground level rather than high up in a control tower.


Is this an already known issue and will there be a fix for it down the road?

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I ask a perfectly normal as well as adequate question without a single reply in several weeks and then out of the blue someone "down-votes" my post!?


We sure live in an interesting world 😂

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40 minutes ago, WebMaximus said:

then out of the blue someone "down-votes" my post!? 

Will check this ;)

As I do not have XP, I cant answer your other question.

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Hello WebMaximus,


i will send this issue to the developers...

But as a workaround you can use the tower view and then use the free camera (c) and move your view up some feet with the curser key (up) of your keyboard.


Greets Heinz



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Thanks guys and not a big deal. Just found it a bit funny 🙂


Wishing both of you a great weekend! 

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