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Adding New Aircraft to PFPX

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Added Boeing 787-9 TR1000-K_v1.00.per into the AircraftTypes Folder. Then, start PFPX and Aircraft I try and Add New Aircraft, from pull down, the 787-9 doesn't show up.  Now I notice that in the Aircraft Types folder the aircraft that show up have txt extensions?  Where does the txt file come from??

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The .per extension is used for files that are encrypted to protect the authors work.


Are you sure that you are using the Add New aircraft option and not from 'template' ?


The 787-9 TR1000-K_v1.00  file works here without issue.



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You should not in general edit a performance file.


Simply use the Add New AIrcraft function and adjust the weights and capacities with information from the QW documentation and/or data from the FMC.


If you have a fleet you could then save this as a template to easily add further registrations.

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