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Airline Seats


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In the news today.... https://www.foxnews.com/travel/man-suing-british-airways-for-sitting-him-next-to-overweight-passenger


I actually had this happen to me... exactly as described excpet it was a women. Half of my but and back was actually sitting on the bulkhead for a 3 hour flight. I had PRIVATELY asked to be moved, but it was a full flight. The woman in question guessed why (it wasn't hard) I had gotten up and spoke to the flight attendant up front, and she started to cry. Everyone on the flight thought I had made her cry, and, well, it wasn't a pleasant experience for either her or me. All I did was show up for a flight I paid too much money for, and had half a seat or less for. Of course the airlines are making the seats smaller with less leg room, they don't care.


People who are overweight... well, sometimes it's truly a medication problem and I get that. I'm just sharing my experience.



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