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LSZH transparent jetway windows

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Noticed today by chance how the jetway windows which I first through were truly transparent aren't as seen in the screenshot. You can see the ground as well as the marking on the ground while my aircraft becomes invisible when looking through the glass.


Any chance we'll see the windows become truly transparent in an upcoming update?



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Unfortunately not. It is a known limitation of XPlane itself. 


The reason is that referring to the draw order of objects the aircraft is always the last object which is drawn while you can only see objects through transparency which are drawn before the transparency. 


It is not possible to draw anything after the aircraft by now so there is no solution. 

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Got it, thanks for the info.


Anyways, I'm very happy at least the transparency works in every other regard. I think that is one of those effects that really adds a lot to the overall sense of realism when it comes to scenery.

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