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How to Install optional SODE Jetway for Professional Sceneries


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Important Note: The options for SODE Jetways are not part of the Product, selled by Aerosoft. They are free Options given by the developers to people who like to replace the Simulator driven Ctrl+J jetways with a SODE Version.

This free option is not supported by Aerosoft, same as SODE itself and all related issues with this tool.
For Issues with SODE, contact the developer in his Forum you find on his homepage:




For the most Professional Addon for Prepar3D optional SODE jetway packs exist to replace the Sim Jetways (Ctrl+J) with SODE driven Jetway.

You need to have the newest (1.7.1 at the moment) installed and runing on your system before you can use this optional SODE Jetways.


Where did you find the SODE Jetway Packs?



How to install the SODE Jetways?


1.) Download the SODE Zip Files from the links above an place them in a Temporary Folder on your harddisk


2.) Stop Prepar3D complet and wait until the Sim is complete unloaded


3.) Open the SODE zip file with the Exporer

Please login to display this image.


4.) Open the Main folder of the related Addon with the Explorer

Please login to display this image.


5.) Move the SODE Folder from the ZIP to the Mainfolder of the Addon

Please login to display this image.


6.) Open the SODE Folder you just copied to the Addon Mainfolder

Please login to display this image.


7.) Execute the SODE-ON Batchfile with a doubleclick

Please login to display this image.


8.) Related to the Version of the SODE Zip you maybe must press two time the ENTER Button.

Check, that in the CMD Windows is not any Error message existing, which indicate that files not found or 0 files copied. This will be an indicator for a problem with the activation (see below)

When the Batchjob is finished, you can restart the Prepar3D.EXE and check if the SODE Jetways are displayed.


NOTE for Errors:

  • Never start the Batch File directly after you close the Prepar3D Window, the Prepar3D.exe need time to fully unloaded (30 sec.) and will block files, so the Batchjob may fail to replace needed files. 
  • Don‘t start the batch with „run as Administrator“, this will result in error, as the job is not running in the correct folder.
  • When you install the related Scenery Products below the C:\Program Files (x86) folder structure, you will get in trouble with Windows UAC (user access control). Deinstall the Scenery and reinstall it in a uncritical Path, like C:\P3D-Addons and outside the P3D program folders.
  • When you see double Jetways after the activation, the replacement of the <ICAO>_LIB-jetways.bgl with the <ICAO>_LIB-Jetways-SODE.bgl failed.
  • When you see Red Crosses at the airport, then SODE maybe has XML file active for this airport from another addon or the copy of the Jetway Simobjects has failed. Check the C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml folder for other files (not called with AJS_<icao>_SODE.xml)) related to the ICAO code. And check in the the C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\Simobjects folder, that the AJS_<ICAO> subfolder exists.


The SODE-OFF Batch File can be execute the same way to get the default Ctrl+J back.

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