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Flight-controls do not work

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I am using A320 V.

I go through the checklist after preparing the flight.

When I reach the "Flight controls" check, The elevators don't work.

The ailerons and the rudder works.


I tried to calibrated the joystick, I could, but no effect in the sim.


I checked the elevators after engine start and the work then.

But when I go through the checklist with APU off etc., the elevators wont move

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vor 8 Minuten, Jov sagte:

But when I go through the checklist with APU off etc

Does this also happen when you work exactly through the step-by-step guide? Then something is wrong with your setup.

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Thank you for backing me up flying_David!


I just tested the 319 and it works fine. So Mopperle: Which setup are you talking about?

Can you help me out on what I maybe have setup wrongly? I am out of my wits, cannot
think of anything. But will try testing some more.

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With setup I mean all necessary steps according to the procedure list. Also make sure via the ASUpdater that the A31x and A32x are on the same version.

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The Updater returns that the "Artikelnummer" is missing

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I don't have it.


I did some testing. I don't have a reproducable error, sorry.

The issue happens now and then, I could not detect a pattern.

But on the same note. After a flight, I end P3D an restart it to load
an airplane asf.

Many times, if I use the same model of your Airbus as b4, the plane
loads with the "def" panel state (in my case "turn around") but with
only external power connected and showing as "available" all the displays
are dark.


On the issue of the elevators I have also discovered, that after engine start,

the controls become available, probably with the hydraulics. With one engine
started, sometimes not all controls are available, only later with both engines
running they are all working.

Sometimes that process is reversed. Right after engine start they all do work,

but if you continue in the checklist, one of them (in my case always the elevators)

fail to respond.

If I check the joystick in P3D, all functions are ok but the commands are not
accepted by the Airbus.

It seems that a cold start of the computer helps.


Testing this is cumbersome, since you have to go through the checklist and preparation

to come to that point.


Maybe that helps to find a (the) bug.

I keep on testing



Screenshot (1).png

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Anyway you should check that you are on the latest versions for both Airbus Series.

If you do not find the ASUpdater (this might happen due to a bug in Windows, you can run the exe from here:

or you find it this way:


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