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Koln Bonn Equipment LOD radius

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Please could someone assist by translating this Koln Bonn Equipment LOD radius download 'Read Me' statement for me:


(It should only be used if the low-detail version of the equipment model fades away before the high
detail version is loaded!)


I may be dim but it means absolutely nothing to me!?


Thanks in anticipation



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This replacement files you only need, if you see the following problem with the stair, container and other things placed on the apron:


You see them from the distance, when you move nearer to them they first disapear, before they come back when you are short before them.


This issue can happen on some computers, in this case this replacment files should solve it. If you don't have the issue, ignore the files.

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Thank you Oliver and Andrew for the question as well. This explanation seems imortant for all user with a interroagation mark uopn there head.....



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