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Madrid Professional scenery missing after SODE patch

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I installed the SODE patch but now when I load the airport, only the jetways and runways show but nothing else, no aprons, no terminals.


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the scenery but it didnt work. I made sure the priority is the highest in the Scenery Library. Not sure what it causing this. My other installed airports work fine. I also ran the Orbx Vector Elevation fix but nothing seems to change.


Any help appreciated

Screenshot (97).png

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How did you install the SODE "patch"?

It has nothing to do with the scenery library and also the scenery itself is not added there.

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Copy the SODE folder to the main installation directory and run the BAT file. I thought it wasn't related as well but that was just the sequence of events. I installed the scenery first, tested it, it worked fine, then closed the sim, did the sode patch, and when I loaded it again the airport stopped loading.


What could be the reason behind the missing scenery, even after an uninstall/reinstall?


Could it still be because of the priorities in the scenery library? There is a SIMWINGS_LIB entry that I'm not sure where it should be, it is currently priority 35. Attached a screenshot of my scenery library and also the cfg file.



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Ok so I managed to get it working again by restarting between installs. These are the steps I took, maybe it helps someone in the future:


1) Uninstall the airport using Settings - Apps & Features

2) Restart Windows

3) Delete the old installer

4) Either download the installer again, or if you have the ZIP file, extract again, and install.

5) Start P3D and let it generate new scenery


Thankfully this got it to work again for me. Happy flying :)

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Please first remove the wrong Entry of Madrid (the red one) in the scenery Library. That entry was not added by the installer and is not correct there.


The Green Entry automatically added (and not changeable) is the correct once.


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