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What is this sound in my Airbus A318/319/320/321


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What will be heard in the video piece of a flight, during the ascent phase (I happen in all Airbus A318/319/320/321) from the first day even with the latest updates.

The duration of the video does not exceed 2 minutes, if you are attentive between minute 1 and minute 1 and 5 seconds you hear a beep, and only in the ascent phase, fly or where you fly and always before reaching the level of cruising.

At that time I am between 12500 and 13100 feet and my level of cruise scheduled was 35000 feet and exceeded the transition of 6000 feet in Europe (departure from Barcelona)




Any suggestions of what may be or indicate the alarm or beep?

Thank you.

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That is the flight attendent ringing at the cockpit door.


Have a look at the pedestal, just below the speedbreak lever, there's a section for "cockpit door". There is a rotary knob for the camera. Turn that one, then you unlock the door with the switch besides it and - you get coffee :-)

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