Why not an addon "Great European Stadiums"

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Hello everybody, sorry for my google english :p

I just saw the new addon football team bus for fernbus simulator and that makes me think that I recently searched for a Stadiums addon for P3D.

Unfortunately I did not find anything like it.

Have you ever thought about the idea? Is this one of your future projects?

To conclude, I will simply add that it will be great to be able to fly over these big and beautiful European stadiums when approaching an airport.

I take the example of the Allianz Stadium in Torino which is exactly on the route of the ILS Caselle.
For a juve and an aviation fan like me, this approach on Caselle is necessarily one of my favorites. It's the little touch that makes the simulator great.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message, good flights, good football season to the passionate (e) s


Cpt Vito

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In fact we had a project (free product even) for that a few years back. But these stadiums stand so lonely in the default scenery it simply does not look very nice. Will discuss it though!

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