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A318/319 Livery manager disappeared after A320 install

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I seem to have a missing livery manager for the 319 after installing the 320.


Fuel planner shows all 4 aircraft, Livery mgr for the 320/321 shows, but the 318/319 livery mgr is not showing the different aircraft beyond the 318.  I had to look for it on the C drive, as the shortcut to this manager disappeared off my "start" button, the 320/321 livery manager is still there.  Hope these snips explain it.  Any suggestions to get the 318/319 livery manager back?  Thank you.


Win 7 Pro, P3D v4.3 

Livery manager 2.PNG

Livery manager 1.PNG

Fuel planner.PNG

Fuel planner 2.PNG

Aerosoft 319 file.PNG

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Additionally, the 318 & 319 add-ons (downloaded from your repaint site) for the Air Canada Rouge 319 and United 319 have disappeared from my aircraft listed in P3D.

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I'm not sure what you are trying to tell us. In your first topic you are telling us that the Livery Manager for A318/319 is missing, but you are showing screenhsot of exactly this Livery Manager.

When suddenly liveries are mising, then it is mostly because the aircraft.cfg has been overwritten by a new version.

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I just looked in the folder for the 318/319 and there was no shortcut to the Livery Manager there though the program was in the respective folder.  Navigating to it, creating a shortcut, and cutting and pasting it into the respective folder fixed this.

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