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Jetstar A320 VH-VGY Professional

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Jetstar A320 VH-VGY Professional

This is the Jetstar A320 IAE livery that has been updated for P3D v4
I only have made a panel file for the repaint and have also customized the livery to work in P3D v4 and this is a manual install for the aircraft.
If you have any requests for liveries, then please request it to me via discord dm's. You may also join my server where i will be able to check livery requests https://discord.gg/Mdr2eay
If you can't see the download button, then use the scroll bar on the bottom to the right then this will take you to the download button. Also make sure to use Winrar to extract the files.

This aircraft reg is: VH-VGY
The aircraft is an: A320-232

Big thanks for Holgi for letting me use this livery for the exterior model for this repaint, you can check out his livery website at 




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