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Good day to every one. I have a little problem that is kinda inappropriate for this airport. LIME/BGY is my hometown and favourite airport, and it's not the only airport that has this problem, actually, only my favourites one has this problem:mellow:. Anyway, the problem is that aircrafts and airlines are incorrect. I know, maybe everyone has this, but I would like to play this Real simulator in a Real way. I found a solution tho, just delete every incorrect airline and aircraft that are not related to my airport. For example, the mayor airlines of LIME are Ryanair, Wizzair and DHL. but in my game, i get British Airways... Easyjet... even Aerologic... (Aerologic operated just few times many years ago). What's bothering me is, that i can't edit as well, I don't get many options for this problem but I'm used to delete every single airline and create the new i need for every wrong airport. I know it's a big job for developers if they should fix this, but that would be worth it, right? They could update those informations with AIRAC Cycle for example.... Anyway let me know if You all guys have my same problem... Thanks for wasting your time with newbie usless questions...:glare_s:

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