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A320/A321 not shown in the updater.

Flying Paul

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Edit: I have no as_a320_a320_prof.xml in my ASUpdater folder.

Possible reason could be, that I had to reinstall both products again, as I installed the A32X product, because the A32X crashed my A318/A319.

As an effect it wasn't show as an addon anymore.

Nevertheless it works now.

Still I can't update.



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Hello, is this problem fixed now? Because I still have this problem. And I reinstalled both products by first downloading the zip files from Aerosoft website so that I would have the newest versions but I still get only 318/19 in the updater and as previously mentioned there's no 320/21 xml file in the Products folder. And I first installed 318/19 then 320/21, could it be that?
If someone knows how to get around this I would appreciate it much if you can tell how.


Thanks in advance

- Jan

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Okay.. I have finally solved this problem :D

First of all, the reason why it didn't work for me was because in the "username" in "C:\Users.." I have letters like Ä, Ö, Å and it's fine when I installed 318/19, everything went like it should but the problem is with 320/21. Because the installer of 320 doesn't understand those letters it makes a new folder which has a weird name due to the original username having those special letters. I got to knew about this when I decided to check the installation log file and when I went to the folder which the "Updater of 320/21" is located at I found the new files of 320/21. Then I just copied all those and pasted and replaced existing files inside the "normal" Documents\Aerosoft folder on my PC.


So I hope this helps someone of you and don't be afraid to ask if you didn't understand some part. :)

Also, if possible, Aerosoft team it would be great if you can fix this problem as all the people may not know about this and this isn't the easiest thing to change.


Best regards

- Jan

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