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Airbus and GSX

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 If I use GSX when loading the Airbus and I open the Front and rear Passenger doors on the captain's side GSX does not recognize the rear door being open, and I need to open the front door on the co-pilot.s side to satisfy this. I have checked in the GSX config, for the aircraft, and the exits are correctly numbered. All previous Airbus models worked correctly, all doors recognized. Can anyone help me to get this working correctly again please? I assume that the same will happen with the A320 and A321 as well.

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Try this.


In the FS:


1) go to Menu Addons and open GSX/Costumize airport positions.

2) a new page opens, check if 'Ignore aircraft prefered exist' is unchecked. (Bottom left)


Alternative check the following:


1) Under Addons/GSX/Costumize Aircraft press the button 'Reset' and confirm 'Discard all costumizations' in the lower left corner.

or you can manualy edit the Door Pax4 on the left side with entering the values:


Pull down menu: Door with costum open/close check

Name: Aft Left Door

Costum check: (L:AB_DOOR_PAX_LEFT_AFT, number) 90 >=

Position (m): -1.70 -13.07 3.40

Angle (deg): -10.00


Dont forget to Save


hope this helps.

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