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Request for bringing Andras Field to P3Dv4


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Dear Matthijs,


As you know I am current CEO of Andras Meridian virtual Airlines (AMA), the VA that has been set up shortly after Aerosoft's release of Andras Field. In the years we have grown and shrunk in pilots, but especially grown in fleet and network and sporting a very healthy balance on our virtual bank account. Starting up with a handful of Cessna 206's doing local German charter work, we now have a fleet of 115 aircraft, ranging from Air Taxi to Intercontinental heavy iron's; our network encompassing the globe, connecting Andras Field to 13 other hubs and many other fields around the world. The people, having gotten to know one another via Andras Field, then it's pilot group and now it's VA, are now a core of close friends loving the world of flight simulation. And maybe not known to you anymore, but you still hold an honorary pilot's account as AMA122 on our roster as thanks for bringing us our beloved home.


With most of our pilots having homes/plots on the field and our virtual airline home and main terminal on Andras Field, we have called it "home" for a long time. As it stands now though, all of our pilots have now transitioned away from FSX to P3Dv4. This means we can not fly from and to our beloved virtual home, our own homes and plots and use Andras Field as our central hub. As you may remember we talked about this briefly when me and some of our pilots visited the FSweekend last year.


We will never change our name, as the field you released is sacred to us and valued in our name. However, with the location in P3Dv4 a vacant plot next to the Forgensee, it gives a non-flyable airport and hub in our network, which without action may well be erased from our network as our VA system for obvious reasons. Therefor, with all of our active pilots now transitioned to P3Dv4, we now humbly request you to port Andras Field from FSX to P3Dv4, and maybe even look at the current state and rework, as the couple squabbling in the background have long ago split up and moved out and the christmas tree is getting kinda dry without us watering it on a regular basis ;-).


I hope you can accomodate our request in the near future.

Next to mailing this request to you directly, I will also post this on the Aerosoft forum, in the hope it will garner support from other virtual flyers currently not affiliated with AMA.


With the warmest of regards,


Toby L, CEO, AMA141
Thorsten R, COO, AMA119
Zeno M, CIO, AMA214
Bernhard R, AMA101
Ole A, AMA102
Lars D, AMA116
Ian P, AMA174
Ruud M, AMA195
Dirk N, AMA210
José Carlos Q, AMA218
DB D, AMA220
Philippe U, AMA227
Dale H, AMA228
Dirk van T, AMA229
Gernot Z, AMA230
Marcel M, AMA232
Yiling O, AMA233
Mark N, AMA234

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Perhaps, it is difficult to judge at this time how the future of MSFS looks like....

It still needs a LOT of work and that means time to become a serious competitor to P3D or X-Plane...
It might even stay at the game level for ever.....


Thank you, Mathijs, for considering an update for Andras Field (for both or even all three sims I mentioned above)!

Kind regards en vriendelijke groeten

Jürgen Vollmer


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  • Root Admin
23 hours ago, Scorpio47 said:

It might even stay at the game level for ever.....


Well, we can now do 90% of what we can do in P3D V5. Exactly what parts you fear we can;t do in MFS? For sure we only see new options and not new limitation. Have you checked out how the region around Andras Field looks in the new sim? 

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Mathijs, we had some long discussions even in our VA about msfs topics (as they can be found everywhere atm but sometimes are not always objective and mostly point out personal opinions). Jürgen is referring mostly to the default aircrafts flight behavior (especially the tubeliners) and current bugs like real weather not working on complete globe. But none of that affecting scenery design as it would be needed for an EAFS reboot.


As part of the admin team of Andras Meridian I can assure you we as the overall VA see msfs as a sim and appreciate the options it brings to our future.


As most of us will still fly more than one sim in the near future simply due to the fact of missing higher level aircraft we as AMA would appreciate an update on EAFS for the current sims and for sure for MSFS!


Many thanks and Cheers

Thorsten (AMA119 COO Andras Meridian VA)

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On 8/31/2020 at 1:48 PM, Mathijs Kok said:

I know, I know... will have it looked at. But to be honest, MFS would make more sense at this moment.




Thorsten has captured the sentiment exactly in his post above. We believe FSX the past, P3D the current but MSFS the future. MSFS' shortcomings are certainly not on the visual and scenery aspect. So if you can bring EAFS in a newer jacket to a newer platform than FSX, we would certainly appreciate a P3D version, like asked in the original post now almost 2 years old, but surely see more merrit in an MSFS version than P3D. This especially, as I said, as we see that sim as the future of flightsimming.

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