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Prepar3D v4.3 CRJ 700/900 Panel Frozen

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I have the latest CRJ 700/900 x installed with Prepar3D v4.3.  Both Aerosoft CRJ 77/900 x and P3Dv4.3 were fresh installs.  When loading the aircraft all gauges and switches work initially with the exception of the throttles, they don't move at all (with the keys or Saitek control).  I have saved and load aircraft from cold and dark without any changes.  The Cut/Engage Fuel Switch seems to be the trigger.  I can flip it up, but then it goes right back down.  It will not stay in the up position, but after I engage it the panel is frozen (all switches).  I use the default Throttle Axis Value Range in option do to I have a single throttle axis.

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