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Crossing restrictions adds 100ft

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Doesn't happen all the time but sometimes when I manually enter crossing restrictions it add 100 feet to the altitude. Very weird. You can see it here at OZZZI. I set the crossing at 250/120000. Is this user error or a possible bug?


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Sorry, forgot to reply here.

I couldn't reproduce this one. Need extra details and the FMGS.log.

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It happens randomly. In this case the route is KIAD-KDTW MCRAY2 MCRAY J518 IHD KOZAR KLYNK1. This is in the 320 so its both. The other was in the 319. This time the restriction is from the STAR. I didn't enter that. Using Navigraph lastest AIRAC . I will turn on logging for the FMGS and grab it next time.


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