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Jens Michlas

Missing liveries?

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This wonderful plane A318-319 have been out for a while.


There are a ton of liverie for the 32-bit versions... But what has happened the 64bit version?


Are the painters waiting for something?

Have they gone tired of starting updating all the wonderful liveries to 64 bit.


Is this updating necessary? Obviously the non professional liveries gives black flight decks... 

Is is possible to update the liveries yourself?


What is the problem or reason for the missing livereries


All the best


Jens Michlas

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Hello Jens,


you can update liveries yourself:




2 minutes ago, Jens Michlas said:

What is the problem or reason for the missing livereries


You know, that all the liveries in the download area of this page have been donated by users to the community, right?


And over time this will also happen again for the new buses, but this is nothing you can demand. 


If you are looking for certain liveries you can ask for them in the request topic and maybe somebody will pick the request up, develops the livery and donates it to the community.






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Tom A320


Thank you for your answer... 

But to do this .. I have to go into the puzzle work mode, this fits to this and this sentence fit to that.... But it's that part of me has been burned out in my18 years as a flight simmer. 

I have been there and done that too much over the years.


That's why I protect the flight simming experience by supporting the flight simmer experience without have to be a software programmer..

I have for example really criticised the X-plane community for making the X-plane not user friendly with all these actually non working libraries that demands rocket science to make sure sceneries work in Xplane..


One could  think its to copy paste the new flight deck textures into the old livery files.. .But all this above procedures.....  I dont go that way...

And the flight simmer should not have to go that way for being able to fly.....


So still strange aircraft companies in dutch and russian, european etc airports.. 


;) Jens

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Hi Jens!


You got two choices:


1. Use the new 64 bit livery manager which should do all changes automaticly.


2. Simply do it manually. Don´t be afraid. If you can heat up a meal in a microweave, you get also this task mastered. It is not more complicated.


   a) copy the livery into the correct aircraft folder (A318, A319CFM, A319IAE...). A text file will tell you what the livery is for.

   b) go into the livery path and alter texture.cfg content to:

       fallback.1=..\..\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base\Tex_FB_VC
       fallback.2=..\..\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base\Tex_FB_A31X

   c) the livery archives text file contains also a paragraph which i similar to paragraphs in the aircraft.cfg. They start all with [FLTSIM.N]

       the N stands for a number in a series. Copy and paste the paragraph at the end of the list and the select a number N+1 of the last FLTSIM entry.

   d) check the line: model=

       If its empty you check if you are with the A319IAE or A319CFM.

       In case of A319CFM put there : model = DAIBA

       In case of A319IAE put there : model = GDBCF

      If its not empty you have to do nothing.

   e) Save aircraft. cfg, load sim, fly....


After some repetitions you make that below 30secs. You don´t need to be a nobel prize winner. Trust your abilities!

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