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How i use the included NDP Charts of the airbus?


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English: I've bought the a320 family professional bundle, but how i use the included NavDataPro Charts? I have the ndp program but i only can use the offline mode, wich have only my 3 airports eddf egll and lebl.
German: Ich habe das a320 Family Professional bundle gekauft,aber wie benutze ich jetzt die enthaltenen NavDataPro Charts? Ich habe das NDP Programm aber ich kann es nur im Offline Modus benutzen, welcher nur meine 3 Flughäfen EDDF EGLL und LEBL beinhaltet.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

TBH; I have no idea what you are talking about:

1. The A320/321 Pro bundle is not released yet, only the A318/319

2. It inlcudes the complete NavdataPro Base valid at the time of its release, which was AIRAC cycle 1806

3. it does NOT include any NavdataPro charts

vor 24 Minuten, Amirco sagte:

No, Charts are not for download and with a one day access you have access to all charts for one day, but next day your access is gone. And regarding "cycle": charts are not regularly updated like navigation data.

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