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Enhanced GPWS sound volumes

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Hi all,


I have a tiny sound issue that I wanted to check if it's by design or a glitch: When reducing the volume of the GPWS in the Options MCDU, it seems that the calls "100 above", "Minimums" and "Retard" are not reduced in volume, while the other calls are reduced as intended. The three calls montioned above are much louder than the other ones then, so I was wondering if they might have been "forgotten" to be put in the set of sounds that will be reduced in volume by the MCDU setting.


And one more thing: In two consecutive flights this evening, I got the "100 above" call when entering the runway for departure (RAAS not installed).


On a general note, I wanted to add that I have flown your busses from the very first version you released back in the old days, and I must admit that I never really fell in love with any of them.

This has now changed completely!!! What a masterpiece you guys developed! Simply breathtaking!


Thanks a lot and best regards,


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