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'pred w/s off' message and radar


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I'm getting this message in the A318 ECAM. I've googled it, and it was to do something with the wind sheer? Can anyone help with ensuring this setting is correct in my cockpit.


Just one other thing is the radar settings. How do I get it to show me the clouds/problems up ahead?




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See Volume 4, Page 61of the Airbus Pro documentation to understand the WXR functions.  Remember, clouds do not mean rain and clouds do not provide the reflectivity necessary to generate radar returns.


We havne't yet put in the Predictive Wind Shear switch on the WXR panel into our documentation (a few years ago we went round and round on this and someone you know convinced the team that Predictive Wind Shear could actually be simulated in FSX/P3D).  Setting this switch to On will clear the message you're seeing, which is basically an advisory message telling you that something is off.


I hope you are enjoying the Airbus Pro my friend!


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