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Airbus Professional strobe & beacon Lights


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Hi & Good Day, 

since yesterday I have noticed a big Red illuminated squares around strobes & beacon 

V1100 ... the Airbus is installed in the D drive out of the P3D folder.

ــــuninstalled & installed it .. still the same.

ــــI remember replacing some files inside p3dv4 effects folder.


Note: 2weeks ago I have installed the Virtualcol ATR series, then I noticed that all the lights on the A319 became blue & once I have uninstalled the ATR, the a319 was left with no lights at all. 


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

What you see is typically the result when another addon replaces default files in the simulator. This happens mostly with shader tools. So you should try to find out which files have been replaced by an addon. Hopefully this addon made a backup of the original files, otherwise you have to reinstall your sim.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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