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Mathijs Kok

Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

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Thanks for the kind words hunteral. You are welcome!

Also time for a small friday update. Lufthansa satcom fairing has been done and so also the rest of the livery. Wasn´t that easy to get info on that pieces. The next one will be a VirginAtlantic A330, WHICH ISN´T COMPLETELY PAINTED YET on the images posted. 

Also those its seems have been fitted with some kind of internet antenna fairing. As i not found detailed info on that, you are free to help and document from what company that maybe and pictures of it would be even better! Sadly any airline seems to use its own system or at least fairing...










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1 hour ago, Trevor Graupeter said:

Will there be any video preview soon? I can't wait to hear the engines! :D 


There will be some videos during the beta testing I guess but at the moment we are not yet beta flying the A330. 

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vor 10 Stunden , AA777-200ER sagte:

Are you going with 4k textures this time around (like most developers, civil and commercial)?

I've had 4k exterior textures with CaptainSim, QualityWings, and Carenado for many years (5 plus).

data63: Just using "4k" says NOTHING!


Data63 is not wrong here! While of course more pixels enable to contain more information inside a texture, the visual effect lessens very much going over 2048er size if you stay with the same covered surface area. This you not get a linear increase in visual quality anymore for

usual viewing distances which are kept far over 90% of the time.

What you get for sure is an exploding demand on texture memory resources, in fact it multiplies with factor 4 for a single color texture. Also the single pixels in the texture have to be accessed element for element by the GPU shading processors.

Taken into account you also have to assign a gloss/specular and a normal texture, then we are at factor 12 already. Large aircraft then come to 3 materials for their long tube sections. That would be 3x12=36 fold the demand.


Sadly in flight simming aircraft not hang in empty space: They need a hires environment so landscape tiles, cloud tiles and foremost detailed airports and MEGA airports. Those will also get crowded with details more and more with time. Modern top end graphics cards come with 6

to 8GB (not many want to buy such expensive cards still yet and got less) but how long do you think does it take to exhaust that again, when all (aircraft and scenery designers) think they can play a lone main role in using resources on the sim platform?


Below i made a small sample image that shows the result of a 4096er and a 2048er representation of the same content. Try different distances from the monitor and see how fast you cannot see the difference anymore. And i just compared paintkits from the manufacturers mentioned with the result, you also cannot read the smallest labels there too...


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On top of what Stefan said already, keep in mind another little detail: The quality of the final visuals does not depend on texture size at all.

It depends on how much area you cover with a certain texture file. If you cover a small area with a 1024 texture it can look a lot better than covering a large area with a 4096 texture.

Did you know for example that PMDG uses mostly 1024 textures in their cockpits? Just take a look at their files in paint.net or phonoshop. Yet their aircraft look amazingly stunning!


And on the other hands side I have seen other developers using 4096 textures whose aircraft look quite blurry if you go close up.


It all comes down to what the texture artist does with the files, not to what resolution he uses.

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Vor 1 Stunde, Yapke sagte:

Sorry for any confusion Mathijs... 😕


I sertainly didn't doubt that those preview of the Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic liveries didn't matched with the real ones… I'm sertainly sure your develompent team knows what their doing! 🙂


I was just wondering if it was possible for other liveries. 😕

Just because I used to fly with the Wilco Publishing versions and was very disappointed that WP didn't configured the winglets correctly.  I used to fly with their Brussel Airlines liveries, and they weren't able to place the logo on to the winglets because of the poor winglet programming.  I noticed that when I thought they only forgot, and tried to place them by myself… very frustrating and disappointing 😞


I hope I didn't say anything wrong... 😕


PS.: Sorry to mention an other development team... but I'm only using it to proof your team is able to do better than Wilco used to at some point. 😉


Greetings, Yapke


Hi Yapke!

I dont´t know where your doubts come from, but of course the winglets are in hires and they are not simply mirrored. Each side can be painted independent and that will be shown also in the next friday update presenting the final coloring of the VirginAtlantic livery. This livery got, different than the blank Lufhansa ones, painted winglets with the airlines logo on it.

We have also decided now which livery comes next: CathayPacific.

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Sorry if this has been asked before,

But I am just wondering if the A330 will come with Automatic Step Climb, like in other long haul planes released for P3D.

This would allow us to cheat and set up a flight plan before going and doing something else!!


Thanks for all the work you are all doing! :) 

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We currently have no release scheduled. We lost a serious amount of time rewriting the vertical profile prediction code for the smaller busses but that is being closed down now. Of course that is part of the A330 code as well so it needed to be done. The modeling is scheduled to be completed in a few weeks and then we'll be able to make some more plans.

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Time for the friday update: The VirginAtlantic livery has been finalized now. Inspect the winglets please for not being mirrored and freely paintable ;-). Also the images should answer the question if DOOR2L and R are openable. It contains the whole galley there too for the exterior view.

At the end comes a little preview for next weeks livery...








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My Friends,


Would you kindly stop asking about release dates and read the Boss' recent post on the subject?  Saves us a lot of time (whgich we should spend working on the project) and aggravation generated by these questions.  People even Private Message me these questions!


When we know, you'll know.  If you don't want to check the forum here, then just sign up for the Aerosoft Newletter on the Aerosoft Store website (everyone should do this anyway, so not to miss any sales!).


Many thanks for understanding.




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No need to start a new topic, there is already a wishlist 😉 



A regular "repaint request" topic will only make sense after the release, when the painkit is available and repainters can actually work on their own liveries.



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20 hours ago, CRJ900 said:

Sorry, but I have to chime in here in regards to liveries. How does a state of the art, mainline, 60€-70€ product for Prepar3d get released with so few and such random stock liveries these days? Compare that to pretty much every other aircraft addon, be it the 717, Q400, or the "very popular" Boeing's and they get released with pretty much every livery that can be found of the modeled type in real life. Does Aerosoft really lack the man-power to create aircraft liveries and has to force their main 3d modeller to do such tasks? I mean even every DCS aircraft addon, which often times even costs less, comes with every imaginable squadron scheme that ever existed. In my opinion many and highly accurate liveries add so much more value to an aircraft addon and also lure in more customers who might be drawn to the product just by the sheer fact that a livery of their local airline is included. This is one of the reasons why repainters like Tavers or Goldstar Textures are so popular among the community. 




Apart from the PMDG 737 I know of no other add-on aircraft with that many liveries available. The main reason we do not include many liveries is that in increases the download size a lot and that a Canadian buyer most likely has no use for a Uzbekistan Airways livery (and  vice versa)

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1 hour ago, CRJ900 said:


You are missing my point. All of those are USER crated liveries and vary in quality/accuracy. Half of the old Airbus Extenden etc. liveries are hardly compatible with the new busses anyway. Or at least only after a tedious workaround/procedure. Again, only my opinion. Majestic, or Tfdi offer in-house liveries of all, if not most operators as well. 


I am sorry you feel that way. Almost all liveries are simply installed by dragging the downloaded zip in the livery installer (assuming they are made to our standard) and we feel most of them are of pretty good quality (in fact a good number are made by the same people that made the liveries that in the installer!!). There are over 90 operators of the A320/A321 and assuming you are really interested in Berkut Air,  Cham Wings Airlines and Solomon Airways that would mean a download file of over 4 GB. The vast majority of that download would be files you would never use. 


We have no plans to change the way we do things. What we'll never do is charge for versions or liveries packs.

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6 hours ago, luke123452468 said:

Why doesn't Aerosoft do something similar to the PMDG Operations Centre, where you can pick and choose the liveries you want to download from a large variety of them? 


And what would be the difference between getting liveries through a download center or a download page??? 


You know of course that there are 1.600+ liveries for the Airbuses ready to download from the download page here in the forum, right? 


OK, Mathijs made it already clear, that there won't be any changes in the way Aerosoft is doing their own liveries and also giving the community a place where repainters can share their fantastic work and make it easily accessible to everyone. 


And this concludes the livery discussion. Follow up post will be removed. 


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13 hours ago, stephanek said:

Just checkin in after more than 2 years without news; so A330 still not ready in any version, (virtual cockpit F100 anyone ?) FSX version more and more uncertain. This is becoming ridiculous. I'm not a spoiled teen, been waiting for years, been caught in this 32bits vs 64bits drama and now think I will never see any half descent A330 for FSX. What a shame. Before coming here for news I quickly checked PMDG and saw their latest B747-8i addon available for FSX. Well thank you PMDG and I'm sure this is also making sense business wise. Alas AS took another srategic business decisions...


  • Two years without news? Sir we have given news just about every week in that period. 
  • Virtual Cockpit F1000? Aerosoft has absolutely nothing to do with that project, we are not the developer, not the publisher. 
  • No A330 in 32 bit? You might have missed it but we have always said we have not yet decided.

I am  not sure what you were trying to show with your post, but it sure does not make a lot of sense to me and it seems you are mixing up a lot of things. If you have made up your mind that we suck and will not do a A330 in 32 bit that's fine for us, but what's the point in posting here? I know the Internet seems to be only a place to complain and show ignorance but please not here. 

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As a friendly reminder, please don't ask for release dates (no matter how it's worded).  When we know, you'll know.  Posts asking for release dates will simply be removed.


For those who don't understand our policy, please read the post linked below.


Best wishes!





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18 hours ago, Lennart1948 said:

It could indeed be possible. I guess the next months will show if they are going to develop it for 32 Bit :)


Friends, let's close this line of discussion. We have not yet decided if we'll do a 32 bit version.  After the 64 bit version is done and stabilized we'll consider this. At that moment we need to look at what the sales potential is and how much of the product we would have to remove or simplify to make it usable. The sales potential is determined by market research, something we take pretty serious. It does not only ask potential customers but also includes sales predictions by resellers (both download as boxed). 


The simple fact however is that 64 bit P3D or XPlane add-outsell 32 bit version by a large margin. As the discussion with FSX versus FS2004 the reason is pretty simply. While there are still a LOT of FSX users, they tend to spend a lot less on their hobby. And for us only the amount of potential buyers count. Converting this to a 32 bit version is NOT a trivial task, it's months of work so costly.  Any discussion here about this will not change our point of view. So basically it is pretty useless. As we have seen it quickly deteriorate into nasty stuff we prefer that you discuss this somewhere else.


So let me write this one more time. We are working on a P3D 4 version now that will use the very latest options (you will be surprised, believe me). When that version is complete and fully stable  we'll decide if a 32 bit version is possible. That moment is not close, it is many months in the future. 

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Gentlemen, this is getting silly! Nobody is getting asked to read 300 pages back.


If an answer to a new question has been already given two pages back it is absolutely valid to tell the user to just read two pages back (or to where ever the answer can be found!) 


There is no need to repeat content over and over again. 


This has nothing to do with being unfriendly towards potential customers but to keep this topic from cluttering up. 


Of course it is allowed to ask every question any time. 


This ends this line of discussion. No need for further follow ups (to be more clear: follow ups will be removed). 


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1 hour ago, data63 said:

"Well, if you had stop at the book-store 5 miles back or search for a book-store within this city and purchase a map, you would find your answer."  See how foolish that sounds? Exactly! 


Instead of going to a book store, we have the ability to search for answers quickly and easily both in the PDF documents we worked so hard to produce and right here in the forum.  Posting a question rather than looking up the answer means that one will get any number of different responses and of different quality, but even if the answer was spot on the person often has to wait for someone to post the answer, whereas a quick forum or PDF search will provide the answer immediately.  Some might also say that they don't know enough to form a search phrase, and the response to that is that they need to read the documentation that comes with the product.


Flight sim is NOT plug and play (and it never will be, not ever), and it actually requires reading especially at the level of the aircraft we provide.  Best to get used to it now.


We've seen the same individuals post "release date" questions time after time, which is one of the reason why we simply remove them for the forums these days.  That policy is going to stay, and for those who wish to understand why then they can read the post I linked to above.  As for asking people to search for answers instead of asking a question that's been asked and answered a dozen times already, just consider it an education into how things work in flight sim.  Reading is fundamental!


Finally, we are always polite when we educate someone about searching the forums or a PDF document.  No offense is intended and it should not be taken.


1 hour ago, data63 said:


not very nice to hack on Tom....


he seems to be a very nice person, very calm and in no way offensive - he's just tryin' to lead people to FIRST SEARCH and THEN ASK which would be very good for all the people who have to read the same questions over an over and over again from newbies that don't have the time to look first and ask second (no offence to newbies!! - we all are happy that there are some...)


Tom is a wonderful person, both inside and outside of flight sim.  Tom is doing an excellent job for Aerosoft, and has been doing so for many, many years.  He is both a valuable and a valued asset of our team and we've all lost count of how many flight simmers he's helped. 


This is a good time to remind people that our moderation team is likely one of the most experienced in all of flight sim, and they have earned our respect many times over.


With that said, I'm hopeful that we can now get back to discussing the A330!



Best wishes!


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On 11/7/2018 at 10:02 PM, Mathijs Kok said:




Apart from the PMDG 737 I know of no other add-on aircraft with that many liveries available. The main reason we do not include many liveries is that in increases the download size a lot and that a Canadian buyer most likely has no use for a Uzbekistan Airways livery (and  vice versa)

I am not sure where this link is. I have found a lot of places and I have not found this subcategories

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