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Aircraft shut down mid cruise


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Hello @Maxilimite

Could you please write a proper report here following the reporting form.

Also, as you seem to be able to reproduce the issue it would be greatly appreciated if you could enable logging and provide the logs from the flight it happens. It's one issue that we truly want to have a better look into but unfortunately we are unable to reproduce it at this point in time. So any co-operation is greatly appreciated.

To enable logging and retrieve the files see:


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I was flying in an event online with a few on VATSIM last week, one of my friends had the same problem all went black. on checking fuel he had ran out of fuel, he checked the Aerosoft load manager and found his mistake, he was flying A321 and had loaded it all in A318 as he hadnt changed the aircraft tab, so he took off with the default  ammount of fuel, he has learnt his lesson and not happened since


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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