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INS /issue?


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hello at this airport only! Taiwan Taoyuan Int  =RCTP/icao--PACSIM -i find the ins wont go past 6 on the P.I. index
it stops at 6 and wont go to=0
works at all other airports works at manilla by pacsim and flytampa hongkong and all over but here at =RCTP=wont work
maybe its them?-if i load plane running=default then yes its fine but i like =cold/dark and enter all info manually into the INS/cdu
and yes parking brake is set and ive flown this plane all over=works fin just at this 1 airport=glitch?
ps:=thx:buying the a319 next week cant wait!!!

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i did all correct but! problem was=
airplane at gate said on wall of building lat/long=so and so and this matched ctrl z =they were the same BUT!
when i loaded the plane in default mode(all systems running)-ins was 1 digit different from what P3D said ,as well as the building terminal coordinated (black/yellow)sign in pic=parking/gate position
ins of plane was 1 digit different and thats the problem-so i started again ,this time wrote down=coordinates of ins default/on poz and manually tried to enter ins info and it worked 100% normal PI index went to 0 >9 as normal
-so a word to the wise =me 1st-then u guys=write down coordinates and dont assume P3d is same as plane!-some times yes sometimes no-go by default position of ins always! regardless of ctrl z of P3D


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