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Brussels FSX update

Midnight Music

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This is the same for me ... I buy on Simmarket with the promis update to FSX when is avaible ... And no ???

When I contact support Simmarket the answer is : make your request to dream factory studio ...

When I contact dreamfactory the answer is : contact Aerosoft ...

And I think no when I contact Aerosoft the answer is : you buy on simmarket, then contact simmarket !

This situation is no corect for customer ! :evil: :evil: :evil:

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I purchased Brussels for FS2004 at Simmarket last June but they have sent me to Aerosoft for the FSX upgrade. How do I get that?

Any help will be appreciated.


Aerosoft has always great support guys :D

But as for the developer and simmarket I'm in the same boot as you guys I find it ridiculous with all those promises and not deliver...

I've had it with this :twisted:

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Hello Folks,

Have you checked your accounts at Simmarket to see if the link has been made available there!!

Hi Shaun,

no link in our account for us simmarket buyers unfortunately :cry:

Simmarket asks us to contact Cornel directly to see how we can obtain our promised FS X update.

Some of us are trying to contact him via his own Dreamfactory EBBR support forum but it seems Cornel isn't checking it regularly...

Maybe you can pass him the message next time you guys are in touch? :wink:



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As I have explained in our own forum we have been moving to a new location and without conection for some days and allso had some personal things to take care of but now the problem is solved so lets end this discussion here!

Allso you are welcome to our support forum to discuss issues that is related to the simmarket version this is not the right forum for it!

Thanks and Regards


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