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Loïc Lourdel

Import FlightPlan with PFPX ??!

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It is possible to import a PFPX flight plan in the CRJ? can I take the Airbus aerosoft flight flight plan? but how to import for the fmc?

I had the chance to make a jumpseat on a CRJ 1000 HOP! and I know that in the FMC they have the routes of the connections that it makes already integrated in the FMC it is possible with the CRJ 700/900 X?

Thank you for your reply .

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Airbus flightplans are compatible with CRJ ones to a certain degree. In the end, what I'm saying is: It might work or not.

Actually PFPX should have a CRJ export module. Why it doesn't, I can not answer. Personally, I mostly use Simbrief.


The CRJ 700/900X allows to store multiple routes (I think up to 99), but those need to be generated first. Either by manually entering and then saving them or by creating them with something like Simbrief and exporting them.

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