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Altitude Restriction on Descent isn't changing

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Hi there, I've noticed something a bit odd with the FMS.

Here, I am on the REDFA1A arrival into Schiphol. At present, there is a restriction at SUGOL; at SUGOL you must be between FL100 and FL70.



I've decided that I want to be FL70 level at SUGOL, so I type '7000' into the scratchpad. I click on the RSK3 to replace the current restriction which is already in there. Here's the aftermath; the ALT CSTR still displays FL070-FL100, despite the fact that I replaced the ALT CSTR with 7000.



The bug here is that the ALT CSTR hasn't visually changed - if I go to the F-PLN page, I can see that FL070 at SUGOL is confirmed/predicted, and the VNAV is descending accordingly to be FL070 at SUGOL.




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