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UHD-TV > PC-Monitor ?

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at the moment is Prime-Day and there is the question whether one should change from the 27 monitor to a UHD TV...
This would sound good and is priced at 299 Euros
Hisense H43NEC5205 43" Television (Ultra HD, Triple Tuner, Smart TV)[Energy Class A]

Or is the time not yet ripe for UHD TV as PC monitor?
Does anyone have experience with P3D etc?

Best regards


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With the exception of p3d V2 I have always used used tv's. I currently run p3d v4 and xplane 11 on a 49 inch 4k tv and its wonderful. Maybe ten years ago it wouldn't of been a good idea but these days it works perfectly.

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ok, thanks for the answer, I'll probably stay with the monitor, although it would appeal to me ;)

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I just moved from an ASUS Curved 34' Gsync 3440x1440 monitor to a LG 43 UHD TV and the difference in immersion is amazing....   The main issue I felt with the former monitor was the lack of height...  With this TV and the 4K, you have to hold yourself from pressing buttons on the screen as you really get the feeling that the real size cockpit is in front of you..   Of course, there may be a slight difference in term of input lag but I manage to get a right setup.

Using the Adaptive Vsync in the Nvidia control panel is the way to go and activate TrueMotion in the TV (not the Game mode which is mostly for consoles.


Considering that you can now get these type of TV for a few hundreds Euros/Dollars, I HIGHLY recommend it.  You'll feel like in a real cockpit !



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