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Struggling with keeping on the descent path

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    I think I have got the basic procedures of the bus pretty well nailed down, except for descent. ATC clears me to a lower altitude, so I lower the altitude bug to whatever altitude I'm cleared to, I hit the activate descent phase in the FMC, confirm it, and push the button in, but for some reason the plane will not follow the purple dot as it should, it just maintains a criminally shallow descent rate until I tell it to open descend, after which it shoots like a rocket past the descent path. Anything I could be doing wrong here given the info provided? Thanks.

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vor 25 Minuten, skitchie98 sagte:


This Point in FMS is dedicated for final approach for the last 10-15nm away from a runway to lower down speed for extending the Flaps.

Dont hit it during Cruise.


For your case if you get from ATC a lower FL advised then use the "Open Descend" Mode and turn in the new FL and pull back the VS-Button, this activate the "Open Descend" and choose a VS of about 1800ft/min. Is just asuggestion you can change the values of course at your own discrétion.


You can use "Managed Descend" if you get from ATC (special if you flight online) the order " Descend FL110 to reach at Waypoint XY). Then calculates the FMS required descend rate to reach the FL at Waypoint XY.


Regards, Wolfgang


P.S.: if you right on Approach and pass the D-Point (see Nav-Display) the Bus will automatic activate "Approach Mode" for you.

You have to press the button manually only then if ATC give you an earlier decelaration point.



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