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Mathijs Kok

24 hours

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So it is 24 hours after release and everything is settling down a bit (apart from sales because... whoooo that looks good). Looking back over this 24 hours I can only say we are very happy. Of course we have a lot of small issues but we have only one issue that seems to affects a small percentage of users that we can't recreate and not fully understand. We have just released an update that might solve this (http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/137271-version-1010-available-a-picture-guide/). For a product of this complexity that is amazing, we were seriously expecting more big issues.


We like to thank our customers, we think we have the best customers. Just look what they send us in the last 24 hour!


  • Great bus and a fantastic support team.
  • Respect! In view of the many thousands hours of work and the huge invest for development, the pricing is extremely fair for such a complex aircraft. Especially for those customers that own one of the previous busses, it should be a no-brainer.
  • thank you for the a318/319! :)
  • Thanks for the good job you did with your products. Really good ;-)
  • Its working beautifully.
  • Awesome! Thank you!
  • First of all: a very nice aircraft 
  • this a/c is a great job of programming.  Love it.
  • congrats on your job, excellent addon.
  • the new bus its funny, amazing a very great for me
  • really happy
  • The new 318/319 package is simply brilliant
  • Move over FSlabs, there is a better bus.
  • This was worth waiting for!?
  • Congratulations to all of you who have been along the way in this project
  • Clap yourself on your shoulder! You have every reason to be proud!
  • Once again Congratulations!
  • Well done
  • Performance is great.
  • Fantastic add on to the Airbus collection"
  • loving this thing
  • congratulation to an awesome job!!!
  • it does fly like a dream
  • new favourite aircraft, deleted the FSL one
  • So far very impressed.
  • everything worked perfectly
  • the frames wow just amazing
  • Thanks for the wonderful plane, very good job and suppor
  • now that i got it in the air she is all thought and much more 
  • what a great job you guys did,
  • Amazing product! 
  • The best way to show FSL how it should be done is to make something better. Aerosoft just did.
  • Absolutely amazing. FPS are really nice and the feeling is also really great.
  • You guys did a great job
  • a real diamond and stable base
  • u nailed it down to a really good product for us
  • This is definetely a new and wonderful product.
  • i would like to tell that Airbus simulation is astonishing..perfect model, well simulated
  • The checklist and co-pilot interaction is great and really adds to the immersion
  • Love the coffee, newspaper etc animations, a breath of fresh air
  • I love all the new stuff
  • I love the new Airbus
  • Worth every cent, love the Airbus
  • Bravo, you have released the King of the Buses
  • a real gem and great to have a quality airbus in P3Dv4
  • I love it! Its working great in VR!
  • I'm very happy with the Buses.
  • The fps are truelly amazing
  • What a wonderful aircraft!
  • What's the most spectacular is the modelling. The Virtual Cockpit looks incredible. 
  • I bought the FSL as well. What the hell is wrong with me? 150 EUR gone, never gonna use that one again.
  • The Professional Bus impresses me a lot. It feels smooth, it runs incredibly smooth (at least for what I'm used to from the PMDGs and the 787). It sounds great, can't wait to try the shared cockpit Feature.
  • Thanks for this wonderful product
  • congrats on an unbelievable aircraft!
  • kEEP up the good job Aerosoft!! 
  • The bus is amazing! 
  • The fps are truelly amazing even better then the older NGX wich always had the best performance for me
  • Factastic product, fantastic price, no DRM. Aerosoft I love you.
  • And the discount is beautiful, 4 Airbus models for 41 euros, in my case. This is heaven.
  • It is absolutely fantastic?. So easy to install. FPS are great even when I loaded up in JFK.
  • Graphics and textures are super.
  • New sounds - unbelievable.??
  • But what I most liked is the controlling the plane on taxi and in the air. It is so close to real like I seat in Thales level D. No other Airbus is even 50% close to the physics you made.
  • All expectations are exceeded more than twice.
  • Thank you, Aerosoft! You made the great job!
  • Impressive work, as always from Aerosoft! Looks good, sounds good, flies good.
  • my fps are better than for any other aircraft I have
  • Very happy with the frame rate. Did three test flights in three different models and all went perfect. 
  • Thanks goes to the development team. Well done...well done indeed.
  • So why did I pay 140 dollar to FSL? 
  • Thanks again for a fantastic aircraft! And the documentation is as always very good and easy to read.
  • That is a more advanced feature than I thought - impressive that you have such a small (but important) detail implemented in this aircraftI am a happy camper with the new bus


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