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Selecting Hi-Altitude Gives Me V-Routes

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When planning a flight from KSDF (Louisville) to KMIA (Miami), and I let PFPX "Find a Route" after selecting "Hi-Altitude," I end up getting V-Routes and one J-Routes?


I should not be getting V-Routes as my Cruise Altitude is 35,000 ft?


See the attached image of the generated flight plan.


Bill Clark




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Hello Bill,


PFPX will not create a random direct, it uses a list of stored directs from the database.


There are no 'J' airways linking from the SID exit, a direct link does not exist either. In this case the only suitable solution is to the 'V' airway.


It is possible to add direct links yourself, I added a PBD intersection and direct link to achieve the route from FlightAware:





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Yes, I looked up all the UPS flights out of KSDF to KMIA on FlightAware and found this one as well, which seems to be the most popular route for the particular day when I looked:




So what the UPS dispatchers did is choose the Hi Altitude VOR's to connect the SID and the STAR of the flight plan.


Rather than plug in a V-route, I would have hoped that PFPX would have given a response that would have informed the user to take another course of action, or did what UPS did?


Don't know if a forum moderator will respond to this, but I think I will use FlightAware more often as PFPX and TopCat are great at calculating loads, and all the critical things that needed for dispatch.


Bill Clark



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