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Hello everybody,

I have this message in any aircraft when I press the option to compute flight, I have tried removing PFPX from the control panel and trying to reinstall it again in another folder but the problem continue. I would like to know how to remove completely the PFPX to begin using it from a new installation avoiding the issue ( although, I have a new installation I continue seeing the flight plans That I´ve saved before unistalling). I just wanna to know how to uninstall correctly.

Thank you,


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To fully remove:


Disable the license in configuration\general


Uninstall via windows control panel


Delete the PFPX Data folder located C:\Users\Public\Documents\


Additionally you may wish to check the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\PFPX has been removed, if not delete it.



Reinstall v1.28 and apply the 1.28.9i hotfix posted above

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another option is that in the amount of fuel you changed the aircraft? therefore of course cannot meet your new request.

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