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Bronco 1.21 P3DV4.2 not working correctly!

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I have just installed the last version 1.21 on my P3DV4.2 and i have the following bug pb:

When i launch the plane for take off as soon as i put flaps up or down it freeze P3D a few second then it is ok.

After take off when i retract gear it is the same but it freeze much longer

When i choose in the panel check list start ready for taxi the engines start with bug sound freezing a few seconds

I add Shift + 4 panel selector not working, nothing happen!

Shift + 1 main panel not working too!

Opening left canopy not working but right is ok.


Thanks for your help i installed it in administrator mode for you information.

I have tried to uninstall then reinstall but it is the same.



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We have never seen these issues before. Could it be you did a partial update of P3D 4.2 from 4.1 or 4.0? We have seen issue like this related to that.

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It is possible i have just update the P3DV4 client in order to be in 4.2! I have tried to update OV10a_Sys.CAB with two different versions in this forum:

One resolved everything except  Shift + 4 panel selector not working and Shift + 1 main panel not working too. The other version resolved only Shift + 4 panel

I will try to reinstall full P3DV4.2 version...

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Yes as soon as i will do full reinstall of P3DV4.2....

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