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Mr. Mathijs Kok:


Your response to my recent request to exchange a product I erroneously purchased was deeply disappointing given that I have been a loyal customer of Aerosoft in recent years. In my estimation, I have spent close to $600 dollars in your simulation products (please review my account). For the first time in years I selected a product not compatible with my flight simulator. I kindly asked Aerosoft to adjust the link to reflect PD3-4 instead of an X-Plane download. I noted in my original request that I never accessed or downloaded the product, something you could have easily verified. You strike me, I hate to have to say it, as someone who has no regards for your customers. When the customer comes first, your business will last (a business philosophy that has passed the test of time). You chose $37 dollars over a reliable customer. You could have easily received my next $600-$1000 worth of purchases (perhaps even more considering I recently swtiched from FSX to P3D), but you have left me with no  other alternative but to seek the service of your competitors. 




Huascar Lopez.

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As I responded to you already I find it not fair that you ask us to pay for a mistake you made.  In this case we can't replace the product (as we still have to pay the developers as the sale has already been completed) but would have to pay the developers of the replacement product. Add to that the administrative work and we are talking about a significant sum. Again, we did nothing wrong, you made a mistake. If you do not like the sales conditions I suggest you follow your own advise and shop elsewhere. But when you do we seriously suggest you read the sales conditions of the new shop as almost all follow identical procedures!


in short... We believe our store is very clear on what the product is for and that we are unable to refund download orders.


1. The product class is clearly shown:




2. The compatible simulator is clearly noted in the system requirements:






3. Before you pay we ask you to check this one more time and to confirm this:






4. We try to make it as clear as possible that we will not refund download orders and we ask you to confirm this:







We understand errors can happen but as you see we did our best to prevent this.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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