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Hydralic pressure loss

Jens Michlas

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I am looking at the hydraulic system today to see if I can find the problem some people are having and fix it.


One thing to be aware of. If there is no hydraulic pressure (engines off or both switches in bypass and aux hydraulics off) and the parking brake is on, you will retain brake pressure until the parking brake is released.  The way the system works is that if you put the parking brake on when there is pressure, that part of the system is separated and retains pressure even when the hydraulics are off, until the brakes are released.  

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Michael2  yes and the system will keep the pressure ongoing...  

I forgot to mention that the aircraft is en ready to taxi state. All engines running, compressors, freon compressors and flaps set.


AAC47 I will look at the chart....


Thank you.. 



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37 minutes ago, Jens Michlas said:

This is soo strange that I am nearly speechless..


I will try and see if this solves the issue





I confirm that I had a loss of braking while landing at Ibiza... All systems were working properly. I was able to stop the plane by use of reversers and parking brake. This behavior didn't repeat in other airports.

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