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Fuel boost pump logic and indications not correct

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Before starting engines, when you switch the boost pumps on EICAS still shows LO PRESS on both sides and the boost pump synoptics are amber, even though pressure is shown in green. LO PRESS should only show if neither boost pump pressure nor ejector pressure is available.


The FCOM says the EICAS boost pump icon colour should be:


Pump Off - White

Pump On - Green

Failure - Amber (e.g. pump should be running but isn't producing pressure).


Currently the EICAS shows the colour as follows


Pump Off - Amber (with engine not running) or White (with engine running)

Pump On - Amber

(Failure condition is not simulated)


Pump status should show the pump operation and not be conditional on engine status.


According to the CRJ-700/900 FCOM, the boost pumps operate together in most situations, both pumps can feed either engine. If either pump switch is armed and either engine is not running then both boost pumps will run. In the sim, before engine start both pumps run with either switch in the arm position, as per the FCOM. After the first engine start the other engine's boost pump switches off, whether the pump switch is in arm or not. The boost pump switch shows an amber inop warning. In the aircraft both pumps would still be running until both engines are started.

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Thanks for the update, Hans. Looking forward to the release of the SP.

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