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CFM A320 not showing up on select aircraft (FSX)

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I recently had a problem that the CFM A320 NEO/CEO does not show up in the select aircraft. I installed it by extracting the file copying the CFM texture.aircraftlivery onto the airplanes folder on FSX and into the CFM aircraft folder. Then I copy the readme.txt starting with [FLTSIM.X] onto the CFM aircraft.cfg folder. It used to work this way. I also tried the livery manager to install but it still doesn't work. I also tried to download a backup file of the plane in the livery manager and then uninstall the livery and reinstall using the livery manager. I don't understand what I did wrong. Does the CFM have any limitation to how many liveries you can install? I have a total of 19 working CFMs and 23 total (including non-working liveries) 

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