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RIO Stick?

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Hello all.


Just got the Tomcat for P3dv4. 


I realise the aircraft was never intended to drop bombs and as a fleet defence fighter sim its superb! The Carrier is superb! The Air to Air aspect appears to be functional.


However, I am reading the manual and having great trouble figuring out how to use the targeting pod with laser guided bombs. Never mind the JDAM?


So how do you get the RIO's stick to move the targeting cursor on the DDI?  The targeting pod appears fixed to the gun cross.  


Has the sim run out of animations, or was this function omitted from the model?


The manual ,makes reference to slewing the target crosshairs over an AI object.  How is this done? There is no movement or assignment of the RIO's stick?


"The target source is dictated by the aircraft's flight mode. Setting the F-14's flight mode to A/G will set the LANTIRN to A/G and track ground targets. Any other flight mode will set the LANTIRN to A/A and track aerial targets. To initiate an IR track, slew the target crosshairs over an AI object and press the G1000 MFD Cursor Select [Key event]. In point mode, the Laser Target designator is only available with A/G IR track. Once a track is obtained, the TacPack Trigger button is used to designate a target, only then will Laser Target Data appear. "


I have the Superbug and the latest Tacpack for 64 bit No issues with the Superbug, all functions work. However this is a multi role strike fighter. I also have the SWS Phantom, again without issues.


I again apologise for asking how to use this aircraft as a bomber, but the features are seemingly in the simulator, but I can not seem to get it working. The manual makes hints at using LUA with FSUIPC...I have no idea how this works!


Oh and by the way, also I see the autopilot Alt Hold has a Porpoise effect when trying to hold altitude? But this could be my early attempts to use it properly?


Best regards






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Note to the devs here.

I have FSUIPC registered version. Assuming you need to use FSUIPC to get at the LUA codes....

The RIO stick input numbers are incorrect. Using the numbers in the manual does not move the RIO cursor.



 Parameter (Press): 270

 Parameter (Release): none


 Parameter (Press): 271

 Parameter (Release): none


 Parameter (Press): 272

 Parameter (Release): none


 Parameter (Press): 273

 Parameter (Release): none


 Parameter (Press): 274


 Parameter (Press): 275

 Parameter (Release): none


Anyone know which ones work?


Or can there be a patch please?






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