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Heinz Flichtbeil

A320 Ultimate installation tips

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because of some support questions about the installation of the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate, here some infos for the manual installation:


Unpack the downloaded zip file. You find it with your Aerosoft Shop account (if purchased with Aerosoft). That is where you purchased it.
Open the extracted folder "FLIGHTFACTOR_A320_ULTIMATE"
Open the included folder "Aircraft".
Copy the included folder "Flight Factor A320 Ultimate" into the Aircraft folder of your installed X-Plane 11 folder.


Then open the other folder "Resources".
Open the included folder "plugins".
Copy the included folder "CEF" to <your installed x-plane 11 folder>/Resources/plugins/ folder.

Then it must work.


Please close X-Plane 11 (or reload the plane) after you have put in the key with the MCDU and activated the aircraft.

More infos about the installation and the activation you find in the manual (DOCs folder of the installed A320 Ultimate).


Deeper and very important Documentation:  https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/141536-aircraft-docs-and-info/


More important infos about the Installation and Activation you find here:



Greets Heinz


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Activation with the key takes place in the loaded aircraft with the FMC (MCDU).

First turn on the external power supply on the left side of the tablet (make it available).

The Ext. Pwr Unit has to be switched on in the overhead panel. It then changes the display from "Avail" to "ON".

It takes a few seconds until everything lights up and on .....

It is best to open the FMC popup window by clicking on the MCDU.

Click on the button at the bottom right next to the yellow text "ACTIVATION".

Then mark the key you received (for example in the Aerosoft Shop account) and then "copy" with the right mouse button.

Then click on the button next to PASTE (blue) again in the MCDU display.

Then the key will be shown at the bottom of the display (but you can also enter it directly with the MCDU keyboard, but then please do it exactly :)).

Now click on the button next to the yellow code input fields in the upper left corner of the display.

Then the key below is taken over.

Now right again click the button next to ACTIVATE (yellow).


Now wait about 10 to 30 seconds to activate the machine. Do not interrupt.

Then should appear in green text at the top of the display ACTIVATED.



After activating with the FMC (MCDU) in the loaded aircraft, you should reload the aircraft, or stop X-Plane 11 and restart.

The A320 Ultimate must then be loaded as "ACTIVATED".

In yellow there is also a "DEACTIVATE" button.

For example, very important to use, if you want to reinstall the machine (update is always a full version with us) or wants to use on another computer, etc .....


Further information on installation and activation can be found in the manual (DOCs folder of the installed A320 Ultimate).

And additionally here:



https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/141710-installation-tutorial/ (there are also pictures for turning on the power unit ...).


Greeting Heinz

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Some times there are green Cockpit squares also if all is correct installed.

Then please look at the X-Plane 11 Menu - Settings - General:

Deset the checkbox: "Show clickable regions in the Cockpit".


Greets Heinz

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Is there an easier way to configure the EFB on the FFA320Ultimate I keep getting this error.





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Hello Heinz,


Is what you describe the correct procedure for Mac?  I have X-plane 11 and just bought the A320 Ultimate but it doesn’t seem to work at all.

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yes , the install and activation / deactivation procedure is independent of the operating system.



We need detailed infos ...

exact OSX Version, 

Hardware used (processor, RAM, graficcard, dedicated videoRAM)

X-Plane 11 version.

Log.txt file attachement from the installed X-Plane 11 folder (post it not as text here).


But If you want, open a support ticket for the problem with all the infos.



Greets Heinz


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Hi Heinz,


I'm unable to use this mod/aircraft. 

After downloading and installing as instructed, I start X-Plane (10, latest updates) and as soon as I interact with the EFB the X-Plane crashes.

After restarting, all the panels are green and I'm unable to do anything.


I've re-downloaded and re-installed everything, X-Plane, a320 Ultimate, everything.Several times. Still the same.


Please let me know of what I can do, I just spend 100 euros on this mod to prepare myself for an interview...not just fun and games.


My best regards

Process:               X-Plane [1168].pdf

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Hello elgoncalo,


you are using a mac osx v 10.10 as i see. correct?

The A320 Ultimate only works with osx 10.11 or higher.

See our shop page at the bottom.



Aditionally please do this with your OSX:

System Settings - Security - Privacy - Accessibility - X-Plane must be enabled


Right-click on the X-Plane 11 folder.
Then click on "Information" in the window.
In the next window click on "Share & access rights". In german (teilen & Zugriffsrechte).
Then continue clicking on the gear icon and set read and write permissions for the highlighted user (you) and then click "Apply to All Subfolders".


Greets Heinz

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Dear Heinz,


First of all, thank you for your quick reply.


I've updated the OS and it worked perfectly, thank you for your help!


Now I just need to figure out how to change from ground power to apu or engine power because it does not do automatically.


My best regards, 



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Dear Support Team, Dear Heinz,


I have bought A320U two days ago, but am not able to run it.

XPlane 11 starts up, I can select the airplane and it will load, but none of the panels are functioning... there is a general mouse pointer, no switches respond, the MCDU will only return a clickable sound, but nothing happens.


Also, when trying to get into the normal menu of xplane, this shows up mid-screen and is not usable.


I have followed the install instructions to the letter, have given 'permission' to XPlane and have ensured the correct sharing and access permissions.


The install is on a iMac Pro (MacOS: 10.14.6), 64Gb Memory and 16Gb GPU.


Hope we can get this plane to work.

Kind regards,




Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 8.59.25 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 8.59.34 AM.png

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Hello Rene,


do you have the fonts with the X-Plane 11 menu changed?

This can be the reason.

Menu - Settings - Graphics - user Interface Size.

Set it to 100%

And be sure that your Monitor Settings are ok. 

With Full Screen the Resolution must match the Monitor Data....


Greets Heinz

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