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TOD calculation with manual correction

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Hello, there are strange things about the TOD calculation. This is at all versions of CRJs.
Whenever you manually change the altitude at which the plane should be at a certain waypoint, TOD values are displayed which are completely wrong.

For example:
Destination airport is EDDF coming from the north via one of the KERAX Transitions.
If I don't change the flight plan, I would pass KERAX in about FL310, which is completely unrealistic.
Usually KERAX should be on FL110, so that ATC can take over the aircraft from transition to final approach as required.
If I now change the flight plan accordingly (KERAX, FL110) the Nav-Display now shows me a TOD of 130nm to KERAX.
There is a rule of thumb, which allows you to work with the CRJs very well, but after that I should start descent at a distance of 66nm to KERAX.
So there is a deviation of near 100%.
Is there a possibility to recalculate the TOD calculation with manual correction?
Regards, Wolfgang

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