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Aerosofts EGLL and starting position Gate 238

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I installed Aerosoft's EGLL (incl. update 1.01). The using the SIMSTARTER I actualized the airports...... In SIMSTARTER I then selected Gate 238 as the starting position but after P3D v4 opened I was somewhere in the countryside. But using P3D v4 to select the location the result was much better e. g. I found myself at the Gate 237 ..... Any Ideas what to do?




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The problems with gate numbers are based on wrong "display boards" at gates 238 and 239 in EGLL - the boards show instead 237 and 238. I already informed Aerosoft in another thread.


But the problem that SimStarter "guides" the simulator in EGLL to and loads a wrong position stays. I found out that SimStarter does not read the Longitude value from the AFCAD file whereas P3D v4 uses the correct value. The Longtitude value using SimStarter is always E0" 0.00' whereas the correct value is W0" 26.65 ! I do not know what it different in EGLL to other airports because until now I only recognized it for Aerosoft Mega Airport London Heathrow.......


I also checked MakeRunways G5.csv


and the Longitude value is correct. The problem is with SimStarter that it cannot read a negative value in G5.csv as after changing the value to 0.444166 it was was correctly displayed instead of E0" 0.00' ......! 


EGLL Gate 238.jpg

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Thank you for your big effort solving this out. You are 100% right. Confirmed bug of SIMstarter NG.

Will be fixed with next update.



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