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Hydraulic sounds with

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Hello Folks:

After installing, when loading the CRJ, I get 6 error messages stating that various hydraulic sounds are not located in the CRJ sound sub-folder under ecosystem. The CRJ will not initialize and immediately crashes P3D.

These sounds are definitely not in that folder. I uninstalled then reinstalled the CRJ and everything worked OK. I then added the update and the same error occured.

How do I fix this?


- Roger


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How do you "add the update"? It is basically simply replacing some files by overwriting them, manually. Hardly possible that this results in missing files unless you delete something...

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No folks, by add the update, i mean overwrite (replace) the existing files. Note this error does not happen with, but when I replace only those files included with

I am not deleting the entire folder, there are only four files to replace with the update.

As well, you will note there are no hydraulic sounds (6 different files that the update is looking for) in the ecosystem-aerosoft-digital aviation CRJ-sounds folder where the error message says they should be located.

Check that folder on your computer and see if you have them.

I downloaded the update Wednesday the 7th.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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