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So how good a pilot are you ?


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Here's a challenge for all you steely eyed fighter pilots . The zip has an AI model of the target banner as used on APC's (armament practice camp). I use either formation setup or add it as a tanker in TP to get it flying, that way its easy to set the pattern speed and height, but use whatever way you prefer.

  Initially the pilots would fly an academic firing pattern with a wingman taking it in turns to attack from the trailing start.

, but you would only fire on passes you thought were good.  Once qualified the pilot moved on to a Lim-op shoot ....you only had 40 rounds (20 per gun) , enough for two or three short bursts , but you were only allowed 4 passes  . Final qualification was on the Op-shoot, on this you had the target to yourself

and began the shoot wit a head-on approach. On your command  the Canberra began a turn which he held for 540(one and a half turns) during which you made as many firing passes as you could .  Bullets were dipped in paint which marked the edges of the holes so you knew whose shots were scoring.

   Unfortunately we do not have that sophistication in the sim , but the challenge is to position yourself  and track the banner . approach at too narrow an angle and there is no target to shoot at , whereas if the angle is too wide you have a high G turn onto a fast moving banner , so your ideal approach is from 200 aft.

 Anyway use it as you will  but have fun









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1 hour ago, DavidA said:

Challenge Accepted..... Two questions?   Where is the.zip?  and Is it possible to get a Canberra towing the banner (did they use TT18's??)




  Duh !:blink:  forgot to add  the zip !... try this...


  there is a Canberra attached to the end of the wire ... but its a long way away !


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